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Sunday, 26 February 2017

YouTube SEO:How to Rank YouTube Videos The Begginers Ultimate Guide for Video Ranking

 YouTube SEO:How to Rank YouTube Videos The Beginners Guide For Video Ranking

YouTube SEO:How to Rank YouTube Videos The Bigginers Guide For Video Ranking

You  Know that youtube is Considered as Second Largest Search Engine (Receives Even 30M Visitors/Day)
 It is Also a Great way of Earning Money at Home.

Today i,m going to Show the Youtube SEO
How you Can Rank your Videos on Youtube as Well as Google

So let,s Start the Step by step system

Step#1 Find The Video keywords(Keywords Research)

Keywords Research

Keyword reseach is provial for any SEO whether it is for Website or For YouTube.
Now we have to find Keywords for which there is video added in Google So open Google And Add your Niche (Topic) n Google and Analyse which Videos are on top

Google Often Include the Video having Following type of Keywords
  1. Funny (Cute Dogs Funny)
  2. How to (How to Cook)
  3. Review (Review Qmobile)
Why to do this ?

Let,s Suppose if you not Target any keyword which has Good Scope in Google then you will only receive traffic by YouTube Search but if you will  Target or  usethese keywords which are in google then you will get traffic From Google as Well.
Now you have found Keywords now let,s check how much times it is searched on google perMonth for Finding this open Google Keyword Planner Tool
After Opening it  Write your Keyword and Click on Get Ideas after doing this you will see exact search volume of your Keyword as One Example Below

As you all can see my keyword volume is 100k Amazing its Bingo. Now i have good Keyword Now The next Step is To Create a Video on it

Step#2 Creating Video 

Once you Found keyword its now time to utilize it for Better SEO rankings. In order to Use the Keyword you have to Create an Video here are the Requirement for Better Ranking of Video
  1. Duration more than 5minutes
  2. Good use of Tags 
  3. Attractive Titles
You just have to brought good content which have lenght more than 5mins other steps will be cleared by me now

 How to Find Good Tags and Attractive title and Description (YouTube SEO)

First You have to Download YouTube Rank Jeet (Search Google)
And Download it now Open it and Enter Your Keyword there and Click on go After that Go to Analysis portion

By Going to Analysis You will see Fields as following  Title,Description,Tags
Now at Right side you will see videos click on them and their Description Title and Tags Will be Displayed copy their tags And write good title and Good Description if you can,t find good tags Just go down there and there will be good tags suggested Select from there
After That All procedure let,s Check your Score Click onGet Score if your Score is not Good You will get Suggestion Regarding that how to improve them. If your tags,Title and Descripton is not good your videowillget low score and low score video will not rank
See here the demo how it gives suggestions

Step#3 Getting More Views

For getting more views you have to add on Reddit Read here How to Get more views With Reddit
and You have to Share it on Forums like Quora

Embed your Video on Blog posts

 You have to paste your video on your blog and Ultimately you will Rank.More

What to Do next ?

Now you have to Share it As much on Social Media Not no Much About it Read the Ultimated Guide for getting Views with Facebook

 If you have Liked our Tutorial On YouTube SEO please Share it and Do Comments Please 

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