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Friday, 24 March 2017

Best SEO Tips to Increase Traffic (Proven Method)

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Best SEO Tips to Increase Traffic (Proven Method)

If you are a new blogger and you want to rank higher in Search Engines Then SEO is perfect.Think for a While if you haven,t done SEO of Your Site and having all the traffic using Social Media like Facebook
Its Good But not better this is reason that i have to Write these SEO tips
Let,s See Why seo worth more than Social Media Tarffic.


 SEO traffic is better than Socail Media traffic Because of Following Points

  •      Not Long Lasting

If you are getting all the traffic from socail media then it will not last long because when your all audience has viewed then there are less chances for another traffic untill you spend some money on advertisment
But if you work on SEO then there is no investment just follow some SEO tips and   you will get double traffic then Social Media

  •   Investment Required

When your only source of Traffic is facebook Twitter or instagram then you need some money in Your Wallet to Get Heavy traffic but using it is also many advantages like getting Targeted Traffic or Getting high CPC and many other things you can Invest money on Fb ads for getting traffic.
Now i think you have understand the value of SEO tips now lets forward on


1. Use Good Title in Article

It is well said that a good start will decide a Good end.
Definately if your title will be attractive you will get more traffic
It is one of major SEO tip when your title will be more attractive you will get more visitors from search engine 
See here the tips for improving the title of your Article From these tips you will be able to write a Good   Title which will
help your Article to grow Well In the Market of Search Engines

  1. Include Keyword of Your Article in Your Title
  2. Write Attractive Phrase
  3. Must be between 10-30 words                                                                                     

                                                                                 2. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is most imporant SEO without it SEO is Like a Ship without radar. 
Keyword Research can be done with various Tools most of them are paid tools but Google Offer free tool Called Google Keyword Planner.
Paid Tools Include Semrsuh,Ahrefs and Congetive

These are One Of best SEO tools now a days by using them you would be able to know CPC of Keyword,Search Volume of Keyword and its Dificulty
by CPC you would know how much you will be get paid and Search volume will give you data that how much popular the keyword is and The Difficulty will gve you details how difficult it will be to rank in Search Engines for this Keyword.

    3.Applying Keywords

  Once you have researched keywords now you are
       aware of it,s CPC its Volume and its Dificulty now 
                 its time to implement it in your posts for       
          To Put Keywords in Blog Posts Follow these Things
  • Use Keyword in Title
  • Use Keyword in Permalink
  • Add Keyword in First Paragraph
  • Add Keyword in H1 and H2
        3.Creating Backlinks
Backlinks refers to Connection of Two sites with each other. A site having more Backlinks is prefered in Search Engines and  this one is also a great SEO Tip
There are Two types of Backlinks One is Do follow and other one is No Follow the Do follow are Crawled by Search engines While No Follow are not followed by Search Engines

There are various methods of Creating backlinks Most popular are By Comments and By Guest posting 


               4.Optimizing Images 

           Images also play a great role in tarffic generation if  
            these are well optimized.The Images which are 
            SEO optimized can also increase P.A of Site
             You can optimize images by adding keyword in 
             Title of image and ALT tag.

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