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Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to Detect and remove Hidden Keystroke Recorder or Keylogger

Keyloggers are programs that record what keys you are Typing.These Keys can be your Gmail,Facebook,Yahoo Password.By Keylogger any body can steal passwords as well as your Credit Cards.
Keyloggers are used sometimes in Ethical ways.Parents can use it for Spying on their Children.Husband for their wife or Wife for their Husband.Do you think your passwords are Stolen or you think any body is Spying on you See Here How to detect and Remove Keylogger.

How to Detect Keylogger in your PC 

Keyloggers are very much dangerous but if your don,t know whether your PC is Infected by Keylogger.
You can see here How to Detect and Remove Keylogger.


First of all press SHIFT+ALT+DELETE  


Select Task Manager


Select Processes in the task Manager

After that  f you see something Like Winlog.exe or Other Application like that Click on END task

If there is an Applictaion like that then it  means your PC is Affected by Keylogger. See below How to Remove Keylogger From PC

              How to Remove Keylogger From PC

To Remove Keylogger you have to Follow the Following steps if you haven,t found any keylogger by following the step but  also suggest you to follow  this if there will be Hidden keylogger it will also be can Easily Remove Keylogger by Software GMER


Download the Application From above link 
After you have downloading you have to install it and Run a Scan
After Scan It will remove all bad Files Automatically.
NOTE: IF your PC has Keylogger Don,t Ignore it 


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