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Sunday, 12 March 2017

SEO TIP: Amazing Tips To Write SEO Friendly Content that Ranks at Top

When ever it Comes How to Write SEO friendly Post.It is Backbone of SEO without it One Can,t Get his post Ranked In Search Engine Basically it Depends On Following Factors hat helps to Rank
  • Content Length
  • Link Building
  • Content Linking

                            Content Length 

If you are A Blogger you may have heard the Phrase"Content is King"
This is mostly used Phrase by Bloggers And Seo Experts.

Content length is also one of factor that help,s to  Rank Higher.
How ever, If you have Much content Probably your User will spend much tIme and Google notice all these things that how much time Users spend on Website.

If you have a Long Content you can Easily Target Multiple  keywords in Single post and When you have Targeted multiple keywords definitely your will rank higher this is why you need a Lengthy content

                             Link Building

 Have you ever heard about Link Building.Basically the Link Building is An act of Linking or Connecting your Site with High Authority Sites which has High Traffic.

This Link Building is Also Called Backlink and these Backlinks can Actually Boost-up ranking of Your Site There are Two Types of Backlinks 
  1. Do Follow
  2. No Follow
Dofollow backlinks are Backlinks Which are Followed by Search engines and Are Crawled by Search Engines 

No follow Backlinks are Backlinks Which are not Followed By Search Engines and Are Not Crawled By Search Engines 

The Do Follow Backlinks are Much Important and these Helps to Rank Websites because these are Crawled by Seach Engines
Learn here How to Create High Quality Do-Follow Backlinks 

                 Content Linking 

 Content Linking refers to adding your own content in your posts One of example is given Below

 Content Linking don,t only help in Ranking but it helps user to navigate through your site this is one of most important Ranking Factors.


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