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Saturday, 3 June 2017

5 Tips Which Probably Increase Google Adsense Revenue/CPC

Every Blogger is now a days using Google Adsense to Monetize their Content.Adsense monetization program has Became Talk of Town.There are Two Major Problems these publishers are Facing. One is Hard Adsense Approval and Other one is Low Adsense Income.I had Found amazing Solutions of Both problems and one of them Will be Disscused here which is How to Increase Adsense Revenue and CPC.

              How to Increase Adsense Earning/CPC

In this Guide i will tell you all about increasing CPC and Adsense revenue which will make you able to earn 1000,s of $/Month. By Following these tips your Earning and CPC will increase 10x

                                       Improve Ad Placement

Ad Placement is Directly Proportional to Adsense Earning. how good your placement will be you will be get more clicks. I have seen many of Bloggers Complaining About Low Earning. I always Recommend them to Improve Their Ad Placement. See here a Perfect example how you can Place Ads in Better Manner.

                                   Block Low Paying Ads

One of Best way of Increasing CPC and Earning is to Avoid Displaying low paying Ads. You can Increase Your Earning x10 by this. When a Newbie blogger has adsense but he want to earn 10$/day he fails because he has not blocked low paying ads Learn here How to Block Low Paying Ads
I remeber When i was Newbie  use to ask Experts about increasing Adsense CPC. The Most working Solution i found was Blocking ads that worked for me and i increased Adsense CPC from 0.09 to 2.5$.

                                   Targeting HIGH CPC Countries 

The best practice for Increasing Earning would be targeting High CPC Countries because these Countries have Good cpc. When  you have all traffic from these Countries your CPC and Earning Will Increase. These Countries Include USA,UK,Canada and Other Super Power Countries.

                              Choosing Profitable Niche 

It is Also Important to have a Good Niche. You Know Google pays us because they are also paid by Advertisers. The Niche Containing more Advertisers is Most Profitable. You should Choose the niche Having Good Interest and Trend. You can Easily know which one s Profitable Niche Just Go to Google and Put a Topic When You will see a Ad Display.It means the Niche Is Profitable.See One of Example here i put a Keyword Domain register and you can see there are Three Advertisers Choosing a Niche or post on Domain registration would Work Awesom.

                                       Using Good Theme

Using Adsense Friendly Theme is awesome it help your user for better experience with you. One of secret of better earning is using a Good theme because it attracts Users Toward your Blog. Ads ready themes are most used  themes in Market Because they helps users Generating and Increasing Their Revenue 
Here is List of Ads Ready theme 


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